Personal Finance for Everyone

Personal financial management is a broad topic that encompasses budgeting, retirement planning, saving, insurance and debt reduction. You do not have to be a finance expert to understand what these terms mean and how they affect you. This course will help you broaden your knowledge of how they all work together to avoid poor financial decisions as you become self-sufficient and build solid financial stability for you and your family.

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Personal finance management deals with achieving personal financial objectives such as having enough money to fulfil short-term financial requirements, planning for retirement or investing in your child's education. It all depends on your income, spending, living needs, personal objectives and desires and devising a strategy to meet those needs while staying within your financial constraints. This course aims to help you distinguish the good advice from poor so you can make intelligent choices with your money and savings. It starts by introducing some books on money and investing that will make a massive difference in your approach to personal finance.

You Will Learn How To

  • Indicate the ways to manage your finances correctly
  • Outline the concept of tracking your income and expenses
  • Define the steps involved in creating a monthly budget
  • Describe the best investment strategies
  • Discuss ways to choose the best option to invest
  • Explain the methods for paying off debt
  • Identify important investing and personal finance terms
  • Recognise the best investment platforms and high-interest savings accounts

Next, you will discover the differences between assets and liabilities. We will discuss why cash flow is the holy grail of personal finance and why you should always strive for positive cash flow. Most people believe they understand where their money goes but tracking your income and expenses reveals a lot. The following section will teach you how to create a monthly budget. You will explore the best investment strategy, where to invest and what to avoid. The importance of starting early and the role of compound interest will be emphasised.

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